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The Village of Ghent is in Bath Township. The name Ghent does not appear as a community until the beginning of the mills period, which was during the War of 1812 and Perry’s victory on Lake Erie. It is quite certain that the settlement was named for the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812, December 14, 1814. As you probably know, the treaty was concluded at Ghent, Belgium which the Belgians pronounced “Gant” with hard ‘g’. With the normal independence of Western Reserves, we pronounce it as we would “Gent” with a soft ‘g’ like ‘j’.

(From the Mills and Industries of the Yellow Creek Valley authored by the Bath Township Historical Society, 1980)

Ghent 1934 (5)
Yellow Creek Mill (3)
Yellow Creek Mill (2)
Yellow Creek Mill (1)
The Triangle
Wye Rd North
Staat's Store
Hopkins Dam
Hopkins Lumber Mill Turbine
Hopkins Lumber Mill
Hopkins Mill Pond
Rothrock Grist Mill
Staat's Store Fire
Hershey's Store and Hotel
Hopkins 1935 (1)
Hershey's Store2
Hellers Feed Mill
Ghent 1934 (8)
Ghent Woolen Mill (3)
Barker Farm and Mill 1874
Cabinet Shop in Ghent
Ghent 1934 (1)
Ghent Woolen Mill (1)
Ghent One-Room
Ghent Church
Barker Log House
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